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Color Choices, Wooden Walls and Cupola Options for Your Mare Motel, Open Air Barn or Horse Shelter

Available Colors

When it comes to picking a color for your mare motels, we make it easy. Our panels come in eighteen different colors and the trim comes in the same selection. The underside of all the colors is white.

Please note that the only trim supplied in a standard package is the ridge cap. For appearance only, you might want gable and eave trim but it’s certainly not for any other reason than for dressing the structure up. Should you want gable and eave trim, there’s an extra charge of $85 per stall for those items.

Bright White



Light Stone


Cocoa Brown

Dark Brown

Caribbean Blue

Dark Blue

Brite Red

Brick Red

Classic Burgundy

Hickory Moss

Patina Green


Light Gray

Charcoal Gray


Antique Bronze

Built-In Channels for Wood Walls or Dividers

In the event you want to make a stall into a feed and/or tack room or if you want to side one or more walls of the stalls to create privacy dividers, Absolute Steel can supply you with 1 ½”steel channel in 70 inch lengths that fit standard cut 2 x 6s or 2 x 8s. Just screw the channels flush to one side of any vertical upright you wish to make a divider or solid wall as shown in the pictures below and slip your lumber in with about 11/2” sticking out the top. Then cap that with a piece of the channel.

Channel Upright
Stall Back Walls
Channel With Wood

As is the case with all of our products, safety is always foremost in our minds: you’ll find the edges of the channel are rolled inwards, keeping any sharp edges away from you and your livestock.

channel edging

The nice thing about making your walls or dividers like this is that if a board gets kicked or damaged in some fashion, replacement is easy—just unscrew the top cap off and slide your boards out, replacing the one that got broken. A word to the wise here: treating lumber with some sort of stain or UV protection is always a good idea but a cleaner job is achieved when you treat/stain the lumber before inserting them into the channel.


cupolasJazz up your mare motel with a cupola!

Great word but what is it??? A copula is sort of a miniature building up on the peak, usually centered in the middle of a building. A copula can hide a roof vent or just be put there because it looks good. They are often seen with a weathervane on top. They are available in the following colors: white, evergreen, red, charcoal gray, brown and black.

Weather vanes can be just about anything…a pig, horse, antique auto, eagle, horse & buggy, cow, rooster mallard duck, pheasant, sailboat.

Available Sizes: 24” x 24”, 36” x 36” and 48” x 48”.

No payments and no interest for 6 months!


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