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America’s Only Engineered Livestock Shelter!

General Information on Engineered Plans

First off, let's be frank about the subject of engineered plans and horse or livestock shelters. The fact is, many areas won't require you to submit original, stamped and sealed engineered drawings and structural calculations to obtain a building permit. Furthermore, in a lot of areas within the United States, you won't even need to obtain a permit. Some you will but in many of those cases, just a drawing, along with your hand drawn site plan showing placement of the structure on the property will suffice.

The IBC 2003 and IBC 2006 Building Code which is what most building departments use as a building guide reference have a specific category for “Agricultural Use” structures. Of course, many of them ignore this section of the code and may still require original engineered plans so if they do, don't fight it - we’ve got you covered.

And if all you need is a drawing, unstamped and signed, we will provide that to you at no cost provided we can e-mail it to you in PDF format.

But in many areas, especially if your location is “in town” and/or your building department has grown beyond the good ol' boy mentality as so many areas have, you're going to have to obtain a building permit and submit original engineering along with a site plan.

Whatever the case, just remember that compliance with your local building codes is your responsibility.

If you're not getting a permit, even though one is required, we suggest that you observe the property line setbacks so you don't put the structure in the wrong place. Obtaining a permit after the fact is not much trouble if you properly anchored and assembled your structure. On the other hand, relocating the mare motel or whatever you bought because you put in a disallowed portion of your property can be a bona fide headache.

And if you're not getting a permit it's a darn good idea to photograph and show the measuring tape real clearly so they can see how deep your caissons/footings are etc. And show the steel/rebar if you're using strip footings.

Now after you do all this and then you get into a disagreement with your neighbor and he turns you in, you can call us, pay and order original engineered plans and you should be able to humbly obtain your permit without much problem.

Remember: They do not have a prison for people who don't get a permit.

Visit our concrete/foundation page for additional information on what's been required in most of the engineered plans we've seen cross our desk.

How Much Do Original Engineered Plans Cost?

Original stamped and signed drawings and structural calculations (3 sets) by an engineer licensed in your State are $650. Custom or nonstandard structures can run a bit more. These plans will include your concrete/foundation plan and along with your hand drawn site plan should be all you need to acquire a permit…oh, yes, the regulators will charge you for your building permit.

We are not in the business of selling engineering. This is what we are charged for them and what the engineer deems he/she needs for having the liability of the structural calculations.

Ordering Engineering

We don't want to sell you engineering if you're not going to be able to build your livestock shelter so do a bit of checking with your building department before ordering engineering.

And the cardinal rule before ordering plans is: CHECK WITH YOUR BUILDING DEPARTMENT and verify they will let you put the structure where you intend. The very important things to get answered relative to placement on your property are 1.) Property setback requirements and 2.) Distance from other structures on your property.

Obtain “Design Loads” while you’re there.

Design Loads are the following: Design Snow Load or Design Live Load, Design Wind Load, Seismic Zone and what building code they use. Your drawings and structural calculations will then be done to these specifications.

Now give us a call at 877 833 3237, tell us which structure you need plans for and pay for them. We’ll get you out a PAID in FULL invoice that day. Or if you're squeamish about that, ask for an invoice with an attached floor plan, review that and pay for the engineering.

Absolute Steel does not order your plans until they are paid for in full.

And don't forget, if all you need are “shop drawings” and PDF format will suffice we will supply those to you at no charge.

No payments and no interest for 6 months!


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