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Here's How We Can Offer Quality Horse Shelters at Low Prices

You're probably asking yourself if this is a quality product and if you're going to get what you pay for, right?

The answer to that is YES.

Let's give you some things to consider since some of you live out of state and can't personally visit our five acre facility in Tempe, a suburb of metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona.

Consider the fact that Absolute Steel is a preferred government supplier for the Federal Government. A part of what it took to acquire this trading privilege was an extensive third party (commissioned by the Federal Government, not us) background check into the satisfaction rate of customers from years worth of past sales. The results of this investigation was that Absolute Steel rated higher than any company that Plymouth Consulting had ever seen in all their years of government contract consulting. Now consider that agencies within the Federal government can purchase our buildings without going out to bid because they are assured of the quality, the pricing and can rely upon our customer service and I hope you’re getting comfortable that

We deliver what we promise.

From an internal point of view, a great deal of our success is because we run a tight ship. We choose our advertising very wisely; ensuring every buck we spend pays for itself. And we automate our internal systems as much as possible. Take our Absolute Steel Estimator; it's an automated software system that configures all the parts (every part—right down to the screw) for every standard sized building we make and that's over 6000 of them! This makes the Order Fulfillment Department incredibly efficient, giving them time to individualize every single set of instructions.

And the best part about that is now you're a part of “running a tight ship” because this saves you time on the jobsite!

Secondly, this business doesn't spend its money on fancy frills like cushy, leather chairs.  We're not debt-ridden either; when we need something we pay for it. All this means you're not dealing with a company that has to have you, the customer, support a pile of debt. An illustration of our tight fisted financial policy is our excess land: we don't pay rent; we derive enough income from our display buildings to pay for a big part of our overhead.

We buy right. We pay all our bills every week despite having credit terms far beyond that with our vendors. When the country experienced steel shortages a couple of years ago, we did not. Why? Because we're the best payor they have, that's why. Because of this we pay less for our materials than many of the national mass merchants who probably hold the payables for 60 days or more then argue over what's due.

Thirdly, we choose our people very carefully. This is not a company where a laggard is going to make very long; we just won't tolerate that mentality. Every person here is tied into the company's performance, that's how you get the kind of people we have here: they are participants in the business, not just robots marking their time.

And most importantly, we're straight shooters. We don't bait and switch; there are no tricks in how we do business. Just good, old fashioned, reliable business principals. We believe in that old saying, “You can sheer a sheep many times but you can only skin it once. Over the years we've gotten referrals from people who live hundreds even thousands of miles away—we've never even met them personally but they loved our products and how we treated them.

Now that's smart business for us: year after year our business grows and it gets easier and easier.

As a customer you have many choices as to who to do business with. Assuming all products are equal (which you know they aren't) you'll probably end up choosing the company that you feel the most comfortable with; the one you can trust.

There's nothing wrong with that. So give us a call and let's see if we can't be the one that gets your business for all the right reasons!

No payments and no interest for 6 months!


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