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Mare Motels & Open Air Barns Shipped Nationwide

Continuous Slope ready for panels
Continuous Slope model ready for portable panels. Later, simply remove panels and convert to an Absolute Steel building!

We proudly offer the equestrian enthusiast our well thought out selection of mare motels, open air barns, paddock shelters and livestock shelters.

Our line of mare motels, open air barns and livestock shelters was arrived at through years of using horses and years of building the best steel buildings on the market. We believe these structures give you a better value than a horse barn and from our experience, your horse will like this better than a conventional horse barn.

Why a Mare Motel?

That's easy. A mare motel satisfies many needs that a horse has. Your horse will
feel more comfortable in a mare motel than in a traditional barn. We have 3 styles of mare motels to choose from - and you can get INSTANT PRICING on each:

Not limited to Mare Motels, Absolute Steel has been fabricating steel buildings and shelters for commercial and residential customers nationwide for years. Our experience in fabricating steel buildings not only includes the expertise required to become a preferred government supplier (Yes, all branches of our Armed Services have bought and use our structures!) but we're horse lovers ourselves so all components are built with your horse's safety in mind.

Livestock Shelters and Holding Areas
Livestock Shelters

Not Limited to Great Mare Motel Kits, Absolute Steel Horses offers you:

  • Superior Customer Service!
    We've helped thousands of customers build their own buildings for years. We know how to fabricate a simple to assemble structure that anyone can build and we know how put together a set of instructions that can take the mystery out putting things together but if you ever need some help, we're a phone call away.
  • Nationwide Job Site Delivery!
    All prices outside Arizona include delivery, with some restrictions applying.
  • Ease of Assembly!
    No welding or special trades are required to assemble our mare motels, open air barns or horse shelters. Our "slip-joint” connections make assembly a snap!
  • Engineered Plans!
    If you're getting a permit, you'll need original engineered drawings and structural calculations, stamped and signed by an engineer licensed in your State. Absolute Steel mare motels are the only horse shelters that can offer engineered plans acceptable by your building department in the 48 contiguous states.
  • Manufactured by Absolute Steel, an American manufacturer of high quality steel structures.

Open Air Barns

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