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Technical Specifications of Your Horse Shelter

Buy Quality and Buy Direct From the Source!

Here at Absolute Steel Horse, we are dedicated to constant improvement. This portion of our website addresses the technical properties of the materials our equestrian structures are made from.

As you see, not only do we use superior materials but our mare motels, open air horse barns and other livestock shelters are specifically designed to go together easy and can be assembled without special tools or trades. In fact, we could fabricate all of our structures using less steel in them and they would engineer just fine but they would not be as easy to assemble.

Take a moment and look this information over so that you can appreciate the quality of products you are considering. Any pictures or specifications that refer to products manufactured by others are furnished only for comparative evaluation.

Exterior Panels and Trim

Absolute Steel is one of the largest independent users of steel panels in America. Being in this position gives us choices and the choice we've made, based upon years of experience, is Fabral. The reason we've chosen Fabral for the exterior panels and trim is because of their reliability in production and their quality of production. All Fabral panels and trim use a patented paint process which is comprised of ten layers, topped with their patented Super Alurite process. Based upon cutting edge resin technology, this system offers unbeatable durability, superior color retention and resistance to dirt accumulation. It is the choice for low maintenance, lasting beauty and value.

All panels and trim are Made in America and come with the best guarantee in the business.
* Standard galvanized coating
* 30 Year non-prorated film integrity warranty for walls and roof.
* 20 to 50 year warranty against fading, chalking or peeling for walls and roofs.
(Length of paint warranty based upon panel model.)

This superior paint system is applied to structural steel having 80,0000psi minimum yield strength. And what does this mean? Yield strength is a measurement of stress at which a material undergoes a permanent strain or where the material is said to go "plastic”. What this means is that this steel can withstand 80,0000 or 40 tons of pressure per square inch!

This is tough stuff!!

Frame System

There's a reason our frame systems have been chosen by all branches of the United States Armed Services and there's a reason they're chosen for such unique environments as inside the salt mines of Cargill Salt in Ohio. It can be summed up with one phrase: CORROSIVE RESISTENT.

And probably one of the most corrosive elements that you could subject steel to on a daily basis is good old horse urine! The bottom-line is that no metal will hold up to that kind of abuse but one can take precautions and try to prevent the problem from occurring. Now if you want to ensure the life of the metal, install the main structure over a concrete ribbon and the posts over a caisson that extends up over the natural grade this will keep all the steel surfaces out of the elements.

All the steel tube used in our mare motels, open air horse barns and other livestock structures is 14 gauge (just a hair less thickness than schedule 40 pipe) and has a G90 galvanized coating. In addition to that, the tube has a lacquer or polyurethane clear coat over that. Varying degrees of steel strength is used depending upon where in the structure it's being used:

Base Rails/Side Walls: 550000 psi minimum yield strength
Peaks/Eaves: 65000 psi minimum yield strength

Let's take a look at the different components of the Absolute Steel system and see how they're made and why:

Base Rail System

First off, all our main frames go together using a slip joint system. This makes installation incredibly easy—all you do is slip parts together and affix them with TEK screws or framers as we refer to them and you’re done. You know exactly where the next part goes with very little to no measuring.

Because the foundation of your building is what gives it its integrity, Absolute Steel does not use any parts which have been reduced by machine. In most of our structures, we use special 14 gauge galvanized tube, slightly smaller than the main frame pieces that’s unmachined; those inserts then slip into the tube parts of the main frame.

This system is more labor intensive here where we fabricate them but the end result is a stronger structure. In addition to strength, the benefits are plain to see:

  1. You have thick and uniform connections that are far superior to swaged connections (any mechanical reduction which is accomplished by machine) whose walls have obviously been thinned through the reduction process.

  2. Absolute Steel's inserts are a full 8 inches long. This gives you eight inches of adjustment capability when dealing with any irregularities in your concrete or the native grade of your building site.

  3. You will always have a consistent fit. No sledgehammers trying to pound together parts because someone’s swaging machine is worn out and needs adjustment.

Now let's take a look at the different connections available in today's building systems that assemble much those of the Absolute Steel system:

An Awful Connection

Bad Connection

A Slightly Better Connection

Better Connection

The BEST Connection

The Best Connection

Side Walls—Better Strength and Easier to Assemble

Common sense tells you that a side wall that’s made up of several parts is not as strong as one that’s a solid piece. An Absolute Steel structure is always comprised of a solid piece side wall. The two reasons we do this are:

  1. One piece side walls have more strength.

  2. By using one piece walls, there's less parts that you have to put together.

  3. You get a straight wall every time and your wall can adjust to any custom height you want or need (up to about 6 inches on each upright).

Here's a picture of a system that uses different height extensions (another inserted piece in your side wall) in order for you to get to different heights.

Multiple Part Side Wall
The more parts you have, the less strength you have. Plus you've got more work when there's more parts!

multiple side wall

Single Part Side Wall
Our side wall is comprised of one piece. which is easier on you when building. Plus it makes a stronger structure!

single side wall

Peak and Side Bends

Note: For engineering reasons, not all structures utilize peak and/or side bends but if the one you're ordering does, this section is important to look over.

Absolute Steel's POWER BEND is the only way to go!!!

All our peak and side bends are of uncompromised value. We have mastered bending steel while ensuring the structure integrity and strength of the steel. We use only steel that has a minimum yield strength of 65000 psi and employ a superior technology than the competition.

Just as automobiles bodies have certain curves and lines to the steel to give it structural strength, so do our peaks and side bends. It's the same reason that angle or “L” shaped steel has more strength that a straight piece; the angles and curves add strength to the steel.

There are two methods employed to achieve the same effect in the fabrication of bends in steel. One is by crushing the steel which causes slight fractures in it and the other method is to roll it which stretches the steel. The rolled bend is superior to the crushed bend for obvious reasons but there are superior ways to achieve a roll in steel.

Absolute Steel peaks and side bends are rolled into a curvature while the steel is being rolled into the desired bend. We do this because we add back strength (remember the curves give strength) where some was taken away because of the roll required to make the curve.

In fact, Absolute Steel's Power Bend adds six more surfaces or curves which add more strength than what was originally in the straight piece of steel! Let's take a look at some pictures which tell the story:

madrel bend

Now while the claim to this bend is that the smooth mandrel bend “has a cleaner look and a stronger bend transition, that's not an accurate statement. Just take a look at the lineal pattern on the sides on the bend—those are stress marks visible on the steel because the rolling process has made the steel thinner and weaker than it originally had been.

Absolute Steel's Solution: The Power Bend

power bend

Our Power Bend is achieved by rolling over excess steel at the same time the curvature is put into the steel. This enhances the strength of the steel much like the angle in a piece of steel angle iron. This process retains the original integrity of the steel used in your mare motel, open air horse barn or livestock shelter!

No payments and no interest for 6 months!


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